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    Knowledge sharing for Cypress EZ-USB, FX2

  • EZ-USB (Transister Gijyutsu Jun-Aug/2003)

    • Purpose

      Mastering Hardware development is quite hard. Because, hardware is made each self. At moment, we can not find out any problem, if you are using not perfect stuffs. We should try step-by-step from complete stuff with small customizing/adding. This development style has been called frame-work. I'd like to apply this style for USB-development.

    • System

      Basic sentense as board training, LED light-on and read switch to/from port of micro controller. Target board is either Optimize or IPI evaluation board.

      • Target board and test circuit

      • Host software

    • Download

      You can use download service from CQ publishing.

    • Application

      ULA is an application of EZ-USB.

  • FX2 (Easy-USB2.0)

    • Purpose

      As I made frame-work for EZ-USB. Also would like to make frame-work for USB2.0. However, USB2.0 is very tough than USB1.1. Quite difficult to port Keil example to SDCC.

    • System

      This sytem is orginally from Linux system. would not like to add any code for realizing frame-work.

      • Customizing point
        • From original


        • From USB2GBA

          Add two LEDs via 810ohm register

      • Software customizing points
        • Firmware

          LED direct controll from host software

        • Host software

          Original has been developed for Linux system, this system is designed for Windows environment.

      • Features of software
        • Firmware

        • Host software

          This host software is developed by VC++Ver.6. Very ugly code as using Wizard output, however very small change from generated code for easy understanding.

    • Download

      Original code is controlled by GPL. Your code will be also controlled by GPL.

    • How to build (Firmware)

      • Install SDCC-2.4.0
      • Copy Hex2Bix to C:\Program Files\SDCC\bin. Hex2Bix is installed with Cypress tool.
      • fx2.h, fx2regs.h are copyed to C:\Program Files\SDCC\include
      • make
      • make bix for making bix file.

    • Future

      Add input part, GPIF support

    • USB2GBA (Wanted developer for this project)

      FX2 application, designed for beyond theortical maximum.

      USB2GBA(1) USB2GBA(2)

    • Tools (Speedy development)

      Introduction of useful tools for USB development

      • Firmware development

        SDCC is suitable for making firmware.

      • Host software development

        PC side software. I have been using VC++Ver.6.0.

      • Confirmation USB working

        I have been using USB Verifier. Unfortunately, I could not find out this program with Google search.

      • USB trafic analysis

        USB Snoopy is suitable for this purpose.

    • Thanks to..

      I have to than those people as below,

      • Optimize(Donation USB target board)
      • A.K.

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